Safety Equipment for Personal Watercraft (PWC)

It is Recommended that EVERYONE reads both the information provided by the Texas Parks and Wildlife webpage on Personal Watercraft Operations and Regulations.

Checklist required by Texas Parks and Wildlife.

  1. Photographic Identification

  2. Boater Education Certification Card for those persons born on or after September 1, 1993.

  3. Certificate of Number on Board

  4. Validation Decals Displayed

  5. Each occupant must wear a PFD Type I, II, III, or V (Life Jacket) at all times.

  6. Type B-1 Fire Extinguisher

  7. If the PWC is equipped with a cut-off or kill switch, it must be attached to the operator or operator's clothing.

  8. Horn, Whistle, or Bell

  9. Muffler, Ventilation system, Backfire Flame Arrestor

Recommended BY BAPWA in addition to the state laws.

  1. Ropes for securing to docks and towing.

  2. Anchor

  3. Tools - most ski's come with a small tool kit consisting of pliers, screwdrivers, spark plug wrench. A long reach needle nose pliers.

  4. Liability Insurance is now Required by BAPWA

  5. Eye protection

  6. Red Distress Flag

  7. Phone

  8. Waterproof Sun Screen, Lip Balm and Insect Repellant

  9. Food, Refreshments - A small ice chest or saddle bag for carrying drinks and snacks during the ride. It is very important to stay hydrated during the ride.

  10. Money for gas and food.

  11. Clothing, Hat/Visor, towel - Some wear a cover up in the restaurants

  12. Water Shoes - needed in restaurants and may be of help when walking on beach to help with seashells.

  13. Rain Gear - Jacket and Pants, you never know when it may rain or be cold.

  14. Umbrella - for sun or rain when we stop for a break.

  15. First aid kit and medicines - (Advil, Asprin,antiacid, prescriptions.....) we will be away from the dock 6-8 hours most rides.

  16. GPS and Batteries

  17. Disable the Yamaha Waverunner Visibility Sprout - Some of our rides are in tight Bayous/Rivers where we ride in single file and with the water sprout exiting in the rear it can distract or affect the visibility of the following rider, For safety reasons we recommend disabling this feature during the rides.