Year in Review 2011



Terri Pierce



BAPWA's primary purpose is to promote water safety and to give Jet Ski owners an opportunity to have family fun with coordinated and planned rides.

This year 2011 we had:

13 planned ride events.

Averaged 27 riders per event.

Traveled over 1,414 miles total on the planned rides. (27 riders X 1,414 miles = 38,178 miles)

24 Yamaha's, 17 SeaDoo's, 8 Honda's, 5 Kawaski's and 1 Polaris.

We also had several get togethers as a group in addition to the regular meals during the rides.

San Bernard River

April 30, 2011

Well it was a fine ride on the River . We had 29 ski's with 35 riders...What a nice turnout for our first ride of the Year!!!...The weather cooperated nicely and 2J's sure hit the spot.(the new owners unfortunately were not told that we were coming). A few brave souls even went into the Gulf, the seas looked pretty rough and they caught alot of air! Looking forward to the next ride



May 14, 2011

Well we ended up with 21 ski's and 27 riders and alot of wind and a chilly beginning and a very busy boat ramp. But I think I can speak for all, It was a good day. None of BAPWA group broke down, but we did end up towing a Ski(Husband and Wife stranded) from Liberty all the way back to Wallisville. Thank's to Philip Jr. we now have an official BAPWA sandwich, known from this day forward as the "Philip Jr. Special". Lunas Mexican Food was awesome as usual. Lets all thank the new members for joining, it was very nice meeting them!


Pine Street/Niblets Ride

May 28, 2011


We had 21 ski's and 26 riders and the day was beautifull. 18 skis departed from Pine street (after a slight delay due to a Bad Battery, Thank you Edwin for helping out one of members !) and we picked up 3 skis at Cows Bayou. Then headed up the Sabine and had an excellent ride around Nibletts and then back to Cows Bayou for a Late lunch. Just remember to request Meat to go with your Hamburger! We dropped the 3 Skis at Cows Bayou after eating and the remaining 18 skis headed back to the Pine street boat ramp. A Nice Ride had by All!


Oyster Bayou

June 11, 2011

I am STILL smiling, (Greg said GRINNING) from today's Oyster Bayou ride. It was a great ride with wonderful friends! (No pitchers of margaritas were ordered either!) Thanks to everyone who helped out. Ken, Becky, and Phil,Jr. won the door prizes. A few of today's photos are posted.


Canyon Lake Weekend

June 24-26, 2011

We started the weekend on Friday with a tube ride on the Comal river and great burgers later at the lodge. On Saturday we circled the lake and went a ways up river before having lunch at the marina. That evening we all got together for a perfect fajita dinner and viewed pictures from last years rides. Great Food, Great Friends, Great Time.


Lake Livingston

July 9, 2011

I want to Thank everyone that attended the Ride Today and I want to Welcome the 3 new Riders,(Richard and Stormy and Jason ).We had 24 Ski's with 29 Riders.Greg M did an excellent Job of leading us today and the food at Bubbas was very Tasty!! We did have one rider who decided to take a private tour of the Dam but was rejoined at Bubbas !! It is always Great to Ride with Great Friends and We enjoy every minute of it!


Morgan City Weekend

July 23-24, 2011

This weekend started with 28 riders, a great ride up the river from Morgan City and around the bayou's (bi-you's). On Sunday we had 2 rides south of Morgan City with several leaving midway to return to Houston. The remaining continuing to ride and then even a few riding Monday morning before returning to the real world. Paul and Anna did a wonderful job arranging everything and leading on the rides.


Taylor's Bayou

August 7, 2011

Hi Everybody.

Enjoyed seeing and riding with so many of you yesterday. It wasn't the easiest of rides yesterday with Mother Nature kicking up her wind for the after lunch ride. Slowed us down a bit but ya'll hung in there very well with that and a hot gas stop. Ya'll are a great group to ride with. Hope all is well with Ken's ski. Great teamwork to help him out. Sorry so many had to go back due to the time constraints.


Galveston RTI

August 20, 2011

I want to thank everyone for a Great Ride around Galveston. The day was awesome and the seas were 1 ft. to almost flat. It got a little bigger when we rounded the Jetty's where we saw Plenty of Dolphins ! We started with 19 skis from the divisionary canal and picked up 3 more skis at San Luis Pass and it was great to see some Members who joined us for lunch at Beaudreaux.


San Jacinto River

September 17, 2011

I want to thank all that attended yesterdays ride.We had 28 ski's and 33 riders. And a Big welcome goes out to New Members Sheri and Ken.. and Jancy(with twin sister Jodie) and Alton..And a Special Thanks to Paul and Anna for sharing their house for the after ride social!! We look forward to seeing all at the Next Ride!


Colorado River

October 1, 2011

Thanks for all that made the Run Yesterday.It was a beautiful day with great weather a great friends, We eneded up with 24 ski's and 27 riders. Some people got lucky enough to get a free mud bath. Thank you Rob & Lori for leading !


Lake Charles Run and Back

October 15-16, 2011

We had 12 Riders on 11 Skis for this past weekend Casino Run and what a Ride it was!!! The weather was Beautiful hardly any wind and Sabine Lake was calm!!! We left Stingarees at 9:00a.m. and with a few stops in between we arrived in Lake Charles @ 5:00p.m...We all had dinner at Huddle Up(formerly Bennigans) and then we all went over to Lauberge and made our Bapwa Contributions....6 skis left Sunday Morning for the return trip and again the weather was Great. We arrived back @ Stingarees @ 1:30.....


Freeport Ride

October 29, 2011

Thanks to all that made the Freeport Ride !!! We had 13 ski's with 13 Riders. It started out a little chilly, but turned into a beautifull day. We started off in Bastrop Bayou and made a cruise into Adams Bayou then into the intercoastal waterway to San Bernard River to have lunch at 2J's(we had a surprise visitor for Lunch, Bill B). We then went to the Beach at the Mouth of the San Bernard and a couple brave souls ventured out into the Gulf. A Nice time, Great People!!...


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