Year in Review 2012


Bruce Anderson



BAPWA's primary purpose is to promote water safety and to give Jet Ski owners an opportunity to have family fun with coordinated and planned rides.

This year 2012 we had:

14 planned ride events.

Averaged 22 riders per event.

Traveled over 1,605 miles total on the planned rides. (22 riders X 1,605 miles = 35,310 miles)

20 Yamaha's, 19 SeaDoo's, 8 Honda's, 6 Kawaski's and 1 Polaris.

We also had several get togethers as a group in addition to the regular rides.

San Bernard River

April 28, 2012

What a Great Start to the Season!!!! We had quite a group yesterday (39 riders) and several new members were welcomed. I want to thank everyone for making yesterday's ride Fun for all.Terry and I had a great time.. Dave

Taylor's Bayou

May 20, 2012

Well we ended up delaying the ride one week due to weather. We also changed up the ride by having lunch befor the 1 pm start of the ride. The weather was great and the ride was great with 19 riders. Many people liked the later start for a Sunday ride.

Colorado River

May 26, 2012

A nice ride with 29 ski's and a good time at the beach.

Wallisville Ride

June 9, 2012

We had a wonderful time on this ride. The ride and water were perfect.
The beach stops and the time we all spent swimming and socializing was so much fun! It was apparent that so many others felt the same way. We really enjoy how these rides differ from each other.
Thanks to all for another great day on the water with friends!

Anna, Paul and KD


June 23-24, 2012

Our first weekend ride of the year was so much fun. Glad so many people had a chance to ride the Calcasieu River for the first time. Wonderful riding, A lot of differeny scenery and many twists and turns! Enjoyed everyone's company.

Anna, Paul and KD


July 7, 2012

We had a great ride yesterday with 31 riders on 25 pwc ‘s. Though it was a short ride for most. 10 people went on out to Red Fish Island area after lunch and enjoyed another couple of hours before calling it quits.


Morgan City Weekend

July 21-22, 2012

Paul and I just wanted to tell you all what a fun time we had in Morgan City. It was a fun time with a really really great group! From the dinners together, social hours in the evening and was a great trip. When we started out Saturday morning, no one complained about launching in the rain. That's why the skies cleared up for us!
You were all so so very good natured when Mother Nature(Hydrilla) changed our route a few times! It was kind of exciting to see what the next corner was going to be like. We were still able to enjoy good smooth water, good food and most of all GREAT fun with friends.

Paul, Anna and KD

Niblet's/Black Bayou

August 5, 2012

A great Sunday ride with the allways popular niblets loop in the morning and new ride after lunch through Black Bayou.

Galveston RTI

August 18, 2012

21 riders enjoyed a challenging ride in the Gulf of Mexico as they traveled from Surfside to the Galveston Jetties in open water of the gulf.

Casino Run

September 1-3, 2012

It was a good 3 day ride. A nice variety and a journey. A great group of people to be around in good times as well as bad. On Sunday, Paul led the group up the Calcisieu and David led the group back to Galveston on Monday.

San Jacinto River

September 15, 2012

Another great ride! Everyone again was such a pleasure to be around. Helpful and Happy! Weather was GREAT!!!! And our new gas stop with lunch worked out very well. Thank you all for your contribution to the delivery man. I thought all our new people (12) rode and adapted very well.

Bastrop Bayou

September 29, 2012

Had a great time on this ride! i think everyone liked the new territiory! Great lunch stop! A little chilly and windy in the afternoon....but that didn't stop the smiles.

Trinity River

October 13, 2012

Gators, Bald Eagles, & even 2 skis down. Still many BAPWA smiles. Riders from Waxahachie, Bayou Vista, Vidor, & all in between. Great leaders & a nice sunny day to ride the Trinity River.

Freeport Ride

October 27, 2012

We had a wonderfull time...5 ski's and 6 riders...A little chilly at first,but once your body goes numb the chill goes away and actually feels quite warm....We had a Great Lunch at 2J's,where we had a chance to defrost and get our natural color back before heading back out where the Sun actually peeked out of the clouds for awhile...We got back Safely and Soundly Dave


Check This Video from the Wallisville Ride June 9th 2012

Thanks Paul and Anna for the great video.

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