Year in Review 2015


Curtis C.


Video Recap

This year 2015 we had:

60 Members

15 Guest

14 planned ride events.

Averaged 23 riders per event.

Average Full Day of Riding 87 miles per day.

Traveled over 34,217 miles total on the planned rides.

On 29 Yamaha's, 8 SeaDoo's, 6 Honda's, and 1 Kawasaki's.

San Bernard River

April 11, 2015

What a Great Start to the Season!!!! We had 23 riders on the ride for 78 miles.


April 25, 2015

Launching at the Wallisville Project 26 riders rode up the Trinity River to sandy beach just north of Hwy 90 in Dayton for a picnic and visiting before returning. 70 miles

Colorado River

May 9, 2015

23 people got together for this ride down the Colorado River to Matagorda for lunch and fuel. From there we went out to gulf and enjoy a little time on the beach before returning covering about 63 miles.

Lake Arthur

May 23-25, 2015

Taking advantage of the 3 day weekend 26 riders enjoyed riding the waterways around Lake Arthur LA. for about 273 miles on the water.

Taylor's Bayou

June 6, 2015

We hat 35 riders on 23 skis. Great turn out even with the schedule change.  We started out with intro from the Pres. then we had Phillip to give the safety meeting. Then Anna presented Robert Escobar's Scholarship to WADE to Scott Lawrence, which he will attend next year. Then it was off to ride. Going up we broke up into three groups. Coming back we broke up onto groups of two and three skis, it was very fun. Then we eat lunch. Then we were off for the final run.

Baton Rouge

June 27-28, 2015

Sat we had 31 riders on 23 skies. Made a great ride to a beautiful sand bar. We visited, played games, took a group pic. Then we headed to fuel stop an lunch to get ready for our second half of the event. Loaded up headed to the little church on the river to show the members that had not seen it. Then we headed to the lake sand bar for some more games, pic., and group fun. Then it was off to the ramp to load up and head to super. We were all set for a Sunday ride but the weather just would not let us make the ride. It had started rain early morning and rained until noon. So canceled Sunday Ride.

Niblett's Black Bayou

July 11, 2015

We rode about 30 miles stopped for a beach stop. All the girls made a couple floating trips down the river. Then we were off to Peggy's for fuel and lunch. Afternoon started the fun curves of Black Bayou. After a good run though the Black Bayou we mad a restful beach stop to visit rest for next trip through Black Bayou. We made another fun curvey trip through the Bayou. Then it was back to the ramp for all our trip home. We had 29 riders and 23 skis it was another Great BAPWA Event.

Lake Livingston

July 25, 2015

Circling the main body of the lake for 65 miles 15 riders enjoyed several extended beach stops along with a great lunch.


Morgan City Weekend

August 8-9, 2015

With 25 riders Saturday for 87 miles and then 19 riders Sunday for 107 miles this wasa great weekend ride. The lake, river, and bayous near Morgan City always gives plenty of places to ride.

Galveston / Oyster Bayou

August 22, 2015

It was off to Moody Gardens for our first beach stop. We all arrived safe a little warren from choppy waters but no complaints. As we were heading to 2nd stop before lunch a few got to jump a few wakes put off by a big ship. Also seen alot of Dolphins out and about. Great 2nd beach stop to rest an visit. Then it was off to lunch not before everyone pitched in to help get all the beached skies back into the water.
      All arrived at Stingarays to refuel and eat. Beat the rain. Had a great lunch, fun and rest before we headed to the Bayou. Great ride up the Bayou till the hydrilla stop the ride a little short. Took a short rest then let a few at a time do a speed run at thier own pace out of the Bayou. We all gathered at the ICC to make the trip back to the launch.


August 29, 2015

We had 19 riders and 13 skis.  The weather was perfect.  We traveled up to the mouth of the Dickinson Bayou.  Some of  the homes along this route were very impressive. We reversed directions and headed toward the Bay.  The lunch at Top Water Grill was fantastic. After lunch we headed out into the bay to Red Fish Island.  The bay was fairly calm and we enjoyed visiting for an hour or so before heading back to the boat ramp.

Bastrop Bayou

September 13, 2015

Riders on 20 PWC enjoyed 66 miles of perfect conditions. Several enjoyed the special speed run up the ditch and back and then the nice break on San Luis Pass Beach.

San Jacinto River

September 26, 2015

We had 21 skies 25 member riders and one guest. We were off for a great ride to Battle Ship. Leàving the Battle Ship Had another nice beach stop rested up for the Cedar Creek run, water was smooth for the front group anyway. Lol, Stop for short rest before the lunch stop run. Another great ride back to the Marina for lunch which was provided by BAPWA. Great time got fuel for skies and our belly's. Then it was on to the last leg of our ride.

Officers Choice - Brazos River

October 10, 2015

We had 13 riders 9 skies.We launched the skies and we were off. It was a very smooth ride. There were just a very few others on the River. We got to the sand bar set up the tent, table and grill. Started cooking burgers and hotdogs. It was a great get together food fun and friendship. Then about 3 we packed up headed home another smooth ride back.


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