Ride Schedule

Ride dates are subject to change due to weather and other unforseen conditions.

Ride Categories

We assign Ride Categories so everyone will know what to expect for riding conditions. We also email all people interested in riding with more details about the ride the week before that ride.

Category Description
  • Family Friendly, Great for Beginners
  • Smooth Water
  • Easy Wide Turns
  • Short rides, Less than 70 Miles
  • Narrow small creeks and canals
  • Tight Twist and Turns
  • Medium rides, 70-100 Miles
  • Open to Experienced MEMBERS ONLY!
  • Possible Rough Water
  • Endurance, Long Rides 100+ miles in a day
*Due to our length of rides and speeds: Small engine Ski/ Small Fuel tanks, stand-up Ski, 2-strokes Ski do not fit our riding style. *


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